Custom Lighting


Head Lights:


There are many options for the different makes and models.  Depending on your vehicle it is possible to clear out the lights (remove any amber) and or black them out (as long as there is no effect on light projection. First the lights have all important hardware removed and the lights are separated.  After the lenses are removed, the painted areas are prepped and then painted.  There are a variety of colors to choose from (such as flat black, gloss or semi-gloss black, gunmetal, silver or any other desired color). Once completed, the lights are reheated and sealed back together with a lifetime warranty sealant.



Tail Lights:


The taillight modifications have been a work in progress and after 4 painting procedure changes we have successfully discovered product and procedure that anyone would be proud to own. The paint used is roughly 5X the quality of your factory OEM paint. The lights are first prepped, then painted (in ether color of your choice> red, black, orange, blue tint). After the paint cures they are then wet sanded/buffed and polished to a mirror shine.


Examples of some makes and models available for modification:

Acura,Audi,Hyundai (Tiburon),Mitsubishi (Lancer, Evolution 8)

Subaru (Impreza wrx/sti, Legacy) Volkswagon (newer body jetta and golf/gt)



Be sure and contact us for your application availability



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